My encounter with Nairobi’s Campus Divas


campus divas

It started innocently. I accepted her friend’s request on Facebook even without consulting the gods. What followed next is what romantic Nigerian movies are made of. She liked half of my photos and posts, all in a day. She then poked me twice and inbox’ed me a long intro of herself.

I was tempted to block her or ignore her, like I do with so many of these random messages you get on social media. But there was something about her Facebook profile picture that caught my attention. It was a picture, in my humble opinion, of arguably one of the finest Whiskeys in the world: Jack Daniel’s. Immediately curiosity had set in and I wanted to know more about her.

As per her intro, her name was Lynette, a third year Journalism student in one of the leading universities in the City. Long story short: she has been reading my blog for a sometime, and just wanted to share with me her thoughts. First, while she enjoys my style of writing, she however,thinks I use too many idioms and metaphors that kindatakes the juice out of the story.

After close to two months, it was time to meet Lynette. I had assumed it was just one of those casual meetings you have with a smitten blog fan. For this reason, I suggested we meet in one of those un-tailored, laid-back unadventurous, family-like bar and restaurants in town. I arrived a few minutes earlier. Chose a strategic table at the far end, and was nonchalantly flipping through the dailies when Lynette tapped my shoulder.

To my utter amazement, she was accompanied by a legion of her campus girlfriends.



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