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Must Watch: Timmy Tdat in hot water after releasing dirty ‘Magal Dem’ video


Timmy Tdat makes headlines yet again.

The NRG radio host has faced public backlash after a video of him made its rounds on the internet. The video showed “Kasayole” crooner standing champagne in hand in the bathroom, as a young woman soaked in the bathtub, with the shallow bubbly water lapping around her naked body.

The video has divided fans and could see Timmy Tdat face serious repercussions as a public figure.

Nonetheless, the songwriter “We’ll Be OK” having just released a new track dubbed “Magal Dem” only a few hours ago. Not only does the video “Magal Dem” feature some girl on girl action, but also alludes to an orgy that happens partly happens on screen. With his latest shenanigans, Timmy Tdat is definitely gunning for the title of “most controversial male figure.”

Whether the bathroom video was a stunt to push his latest release ‘Magal Dem’ or another antic by the rapper to sustain his audience’s attention is still unknown. With the same sound and typical video concept, not much can be said for Timmy’s creativity.

Do you like the track?

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