MUST WATCH: Kylie Jenner finally shares the details of her pregnancy

Kylie Jenner has reportedly “matured a lot” since becoming pregnant.

The 20-year-old reality star welcomed her first child into the world with her boyfriend Travis Scott last week, and sources have said that since entering a relationship with the rapper and falling pregnant, she has become “much less dramatic”.

n the 4th of February, Kylie shared online her pregnancy journey with a video on YouTube.

Before her romance with Travis began in April 2017, Kylie was in a relationship with fellow rapper Tyga, and insiders claim that whilst she often argued with the ‘Rack City’ hitmaker, she feels much more comfortable with her new beau.

Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret until her daughter was born on February 1, and took to social media to post a note to her followers announcing the news.


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