Must Watch 90s Sitcom Shows That Changed Pop Culture


The 90s was an era of cultural significance. Whether it be in the arts or politics, the 90s bears a large influence on the world as we know it today. The 90s pop culture is still  a vital reference point for the advancements today. The reworks of RnB tracks, the revival of various television shows and so on are just an indicator that the 90s was a time that celebrated creativity.  Here is a list of shows that are key to understanding the era of the 90s and the times we live in now.

1.Fresh Prince of Belair

The story line is that of rags to riches and addresses the complexities of life of a young African-American teen in high school and college. Themes of complex relationships and the typical escapades in one’s youth provide great comedic relief. The main character “Will” was played by Will Smith and his cousin “Carlton” Alfonso Ribeiro the originator of the popular “Carlton Dance” were entertaining and extremely funny.



2.The Cosby Show

A story of a middle- class African American family, the Huxtables were a mix of interesting characters. The show run for 8 years and contributed to the spin-off series A Different World. “Dr. Cliff Huxtable” played by Bill Cosby popularized the grandpa sweater and Lisa Bonnet who played the eldest daughter “Denise Huxtable” dreadlocks and consequently the faux locks trend we see today. The show launched careers of various actors including Raven Symone, Lisa Bonet, and even Tempest Bledsoe.



3.The Martin Show

The show is centered around the life of Martin Lawerence and his friends. Themes of friendships, relationships, and life in the city run deep in the show. It is a more relatable version of the sitcom “Friends.” The top-notch cast included Martin Lawerence known for his role in Bad Boys II, Tichina Arnold who later went on to feature on “Everybody Hates Chris” and Tracey Morgan who went on to star in 30 Rock.  The show popularized the phrase “Wzup” or is it “Wassup”?



4. A Different World

The show was originally centered around Denise Huxtable played by Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show. The show picks up from Denise’s first day in college, her friends and life of a young adult. However, after marrying mega star Lenny Kravitz and became pregnant, she left the show after season 1.  The concept of “adulting” as we know it is well explored in the show that was produced by Bill Cosby. The show does not shy away from commentating on the struggles of the youth covering themes such as AIDS, racism, sex education and more. The show featured some special cameos including Tupac and Shaun Baker.



5. Family Matters

The show is based on the Winslow Family and the super nerdy neighbor “Steve  Urkel” played by Jaleel White. The character of Urkel lives in his own bubble, innocent and out of touch with reality. Known for the phrase “Did I do that?” Steve Urkel made the show a hit.



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