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I could write a whole book or chapter of how women are complicated but do men ever sit down and think about how annoying they at times? Guess not! Men, here are the annoying phases you guys use:

1.”Come to my house”

Now let’s get one thing straight here men, I don’t live in the woods. I live in a house too and guess what my house maybe cuter than yours. But for instance, I give you benefit of doubt and consider coming to your house expecting something out of the ordinary. Is your house built on water? Is it Queen Elizabeth’s mansion? Yeah, I guessed right, its none of the above. So why exactly should I come? History dictates that the phrase “come to my house” often means “come have sex with me”. The phrase is too old and annoying and get smarter guys.

2.”Am not like other guys.”
Now, this popular phrase has me all confused. What do you mean? How do you know how other guys are? The moment you say that automatically I know you just another ordinary fu*k boy who thinks that’s a punch line.

3.”My dad is…. My family is.. blah blah blah “
Since you here trying to tell me how rich your dad is, can you give me his number? Boy, let me make you my stepson. I would love to meet your dad, really.

Don’t get it wrong, I would love to know you have a good relationship with your dad and mom. That’s the only way I can tell you learned how to treat a woman from the right. But bragging about your dad’s wealth? You are 25 and still, live in your father’s house. What are you? Some baby who has not stopped breastfeeding?

Am interested in you as a person? What do you do? What are your dreams? How would you treat me if I become your woman? These are better talk points.

4.”You are so hot.”
Well, girls might be excited when they hear this. Approaching a girl and saying ‘you are hot’ is a direct ticket to being dismissed. You all know how hard it is step out of these zones, don’t even get me started on the bro zone. The word hot sounds sexual, and I mean way too sexual. It immediately shows you are a hit and run guy, you know what I mean. Instead, use “beautiful”. See how you’ll get a smile you never thought she had.

5.”Tell me about yourself.”
This one sentence that lacks initiative. It sounds even worse when asked through a text. Unless you interviewing her for a job, she won’t bother to answer. There is always a better way to approach the situation. Ask normal questions, like, so what is your typical day like? Take it, slow man.

Those are the top most annoying phrases. Step out of your comfort zone and be more casual and easy to talk to. Asking general questions is the way to. Ladies fall for guys that are easy to talk to.



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