MUST READ: Style guru Brian Babu’s top 3 buys from Dubois Street


Fashionista and style guru Brian Babu shared his most unique buys from Dubois Street.

What was once known as a shady, back alleyway in downtown Nairobi is now the fashion epicenter for fashionistas on a budget. Known for his work with some of Kenya’s biggest celebrities including Amina Abdi, Sharon Mundi, Susan Wong, Adele Onyango and so many more, Brian has the plug on all things Dubois Street.In an interview with The Sauce, Babu listed his top picks for any queen eager to slay on a budget.

4.Accessory Box

If you are a lover of accessories, its time to step up your game and give your accessories a home. Babu recommends that a look around the stalls is essential. Always have a look through before settling on the first items seen.


Dubois Street not only has affordable products but the stalls located on this street have a large variety of earrings. With the simplest to the most outrageous of designs, there is something for everyone. With the average cost of a pair of earrings ranging from Ksh50 to Ksh350, it easy to see why Nairobi’s slay queens keep going back. Babu recommends rubbing metal earrings with olive oil to keep their luster.

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2.Makeup Cases

As ladies, we often have loads of makeup, but no travel bags to keep them safe. Babu recommended Dubois Street for the unique cases. Though the area is known for its variety of counterfeit make-up, the street has some of the best makeup bags for just the right price.


A ring is one of the most basic of accessories, however when worn right it could complete the outfit. If you love to stack your rings, or you are just looking for that simple, sophisticated piece for cheap why not take a stroll down Dubois Street.





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