Music Review: Cece Sagini – Ensobosobo


The song out on 20th July is a fresh jam from Cece Sagini. Sang mainly in Kisii, with a special featuring a traditional Kisii artist called ‘Nyangau’, the song speaks of pure love. It tells of a love story between two from different clans. The beats are heavy and even features Kisii instrument called the ‘obokano’ which brings a uniquely afro pop sound to the track.

Cece’s melodies tag at the heart and could have anyone reminiscing of special moments with that special someone. The song is fresh take on an ode to the sweetness of blossoming love.
As in all things African occasions, the song includes ululation and a whistle or two that makes it even more upbeat and jubilant.

The wardrobe brings out the rich culture of the Kisii, celebrating what most artists have forgotten in the name of reaching a wider audience.

Shot in black and white, the grayscale visuals at the beginning of the video are a great contrast for the colorful African beats. As the colors pick up throughout the video, it seems that the love shared between the two individuals comes to life. As the lyrics sing “Wewe ni wangu; kama si wewe ni nani” it is clear that this song will soon become a love song for lovers all over the country. Produced by Jaaz Odongo and shot by Moses Osidiana “Ensobosobo” could be Cece Sagini’s next hit.

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