Ms. Autism Kenya Using Her Crown To Change Public Perceptions


Autism has become a prevalent one in Kenya where estimates show that about 4% of the population is affected. The mental condition, which is a developmental disability is usually present from childhood. Capital Campus caught up with Kiumbiro Kinya, a university student who holds the title of Miss Autism Kenya to discuss her role in raising awareness on the disease and her work so far.


CC: Which course are you pursuing?

KK: Catering and hospitality management at Cooperative University in Karen, main campus.


CC: When were you crowned Miss Autism Kenya?

KK: The colourful event took place on May 13th, 2017 at Sportsview Hotel in Kasarani.


CC: What motivated you to participate in the pageant?

KK: I know how painful and problematic the condition is. I wanted to be the voice that talks about the little known condition and give hope to everyone who suffers or is affected by it.


CC: What is your  role as Miss Autism Kenya?

KK: To create awareness about those who suffer from autistism in Kenya. This will help them be acknowledged as bona-fide members of our society and this will encourages them to be better cope to the best of their personal capacities. I share the role with Derrick Omondi, Mr Autism Kenya.


CC: Have you worked with any other organization apart from the Autism Society?

KK: Yes. I am part of The Ready Aiders Foundation made up of young university students who look to change how the society sees and treat kids with autism.


CC: What do you think young people can do to create awareness?

KK: They should first of all learn about the condition and then share the information with others.


CC: How can one connect with you?

KK:  @Ashley_Kiumbiro across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also go to or


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Anthony Mbugua.




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