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Mr Ugly contestant ‘too handsome’ to win

Mr Ugly contest Zimbabwe
Mison Sere (L) was announced the winner. William Masvinu (R) right is three time winner and fan favorite. credit Khaana.com

The race to pick the ugliest man in Zimbabwe turned ugly after the defending champion and a section of fans termed the judge’s decision to announce Mison Sere as the winner as biased and unfair.

The contest, held in a Harare pub, brought together Zimbabwe’s ugliest men with the popular William Masvinu, a three time winner, confident of retaining his title as Mister ugly. Fans of the crowd favorite said Sere was ‘too handsome’ to take the title and mobbed the judges after the winner was announced.

But the judges said they were using the dictionary to decide the winner.

“The definition of ‘ugly’ according to the Collins dictionary is unpleasant to the eye…and we are also looking for something unique,” Abigail Gwasira, a judge, told CCTV.

Sere, who won $500, has several teeth missing. asvinu claim that he is ugly ‘only when he smiles.”

“I want to thank God for this win and thank the judges for recognizing me,” said Sere.

Sere asked his opponents to accept that he is uglier than them, The Gurdian reports. He is hoping to get a TV contract by performing in schools showcasing his ugliness.

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