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College graduation is a time for young adults to spread their wings and finally put their education to good use. Fortunately, there are a variety of apps that can make the transition easier. From managing tasks, to sharpening skills and connecting with friends, the world of mobile apps is bursting with solutions for the tech savvy. Here are some of the top apps for college grads:

  • Everest: Aptly-named Everest is the perfect app for goal-oriented graduates. It provides a platform for students to declare and track their individual goals. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or earning a doctoral degree, Everest keeps its users motivated by reminding them of their goals and documenting their journeys.
  • IFTTT: This mobile app, named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top-five apps for college grads, provides app-lovers with a way to combine all of their favorites. IFTTT, which stands for “if this then that,” allows its users to combine apps into “recipes” that provide a very specific outcome. For instance, users could design a recipe that sends them a Facebook notification every time their favorite team is mentioned on ESPN.
  • Wi-Fi Finder: The Wi-Fi Finder for iOS is a must have app for college graduates on-the-go. It does exactly what it sounds like it would do: finds free or paid public Wi-Fi for mobile grads seeking an Internet connection to check in with work, finish a project, or connect with friends.
  • Mint: Ranked as one of the top-10 apps for recent grads by The Huffington Post, Mint can help newly-employed young adults start their financial future off on the right foot. By tracking each user’s spending, net worth, and debt, Mint creates a one-stop shop for those who want a full view of their financial picture. And Mint offers more than merely numbers on a page. The groundbreaking program actually takes user data and turns it into useful charts and graphs that help college grads recognize spending patterns and reach financial goals.
  • Memrise: Those who learn best when presented with visual images might want to give Memrise a try. This mobile app uses captioned photos and animations in order to attach a visual memory to each lesson. Primarily used by students brushing up on language and science skills, Memrise is a perfect fit for those who want to keep their knowledge fresh following graduation.

These are just some of the many useful apps available to college grads. And with the online landscape constantly evolving and changing, they won’t be the last. Although the sheer number of applications may be overwhelming, a few properly used apps can make any graduate’s life a little easier. So, if you’re looking for a way to track your goals, find a Wi-Fi hotspot, or get your financial life in order, rest assured that there’s an app for that.


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