Most Kenyans support ranking of schools – Ipsos survey


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Two-thirds of Kenyans support the long-held education tradition of ranking of primary and secondary schools, according to a survey done by Ipsos.

“The survey results reveal that few Kenyans support the recent abolition of ranking of both primary and secondary schools with more than two-thirds doing so (71 percent and 70 percent respectively),” states the Ipsos survey.

Interestingly, parents with a child/children in private schools were the least supportive of ranking with 35 percent preferring a non-ranking system.

“This may be because any parent(s) who prepared to pay for such private education have already assessed the chosen school’s performance-level, and is able to monitor the child (and school’s) performance with more attention than (most) parents of children in public schools,” Ipsos says.

There has been public debate after the Cabinet Secretary for Education eliminated ranking of schools based on national examinations for both primary and secondary schools.

The Ipsos survey also revealed most Kenyans prefer laptop lab in each school as opposed to laptops for each class 1 pupil as promised by the Jubilee administration in the 2013 elections.

A third of respondents said insufficient funds was the main reason the Jubilee Government has been unable to implement the primary school laptop project but over 50 percent are skeptical the laptop promise will be fulfilled before the next election.

The target population for this survey was Kenyans aged 18 years and above, of whom 1,964 were interviewed between 28th March and 7th April 2015.



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