Mombasa dance crews merge to fight for the Sh5 Million prize


dance team

Mombasa leg of Orange Beat Ya Street brought a whole new dimension to dance. It brought the aspect of unity and team work.

During this phase of the competition we got to learn that several teams had merged to form crews they enrolled for Orange Beat Ya Street in. This goes a long way to show that as much as this is a competition, teams have each other’s best interest at heart, and that dance is indeed all about peaceful co-existence and teamwork.

Some of the teams that merged to form single units in Mombasa include El Mob and Legend. The competition saw several locally competing teams joining hands to create a strong force for a common cause. El Mob is a combination of three sub groups which are The Lucky boys, Jamaican and Jamaican halisi. The groups merged and picked the best from each group to represent them in the competition. They also incorporated dance routines from each sub-team.

Legend dance crew has also seen two teams merge purposely for the sake of joining the Orange Beat Ya Street competition. This two groups V-I Rage and Brudazz dance group both from Likoni area in Mombasa’s South coast merged immediately they heard about the competition and started to work on their routines.

These two teams are a great example of just what dance is about, and more so what Orange Beat Ya Street is about and that is uniting everyone in dance.



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