Mogul P. Diddy Offers H&M Child Model Ksh103M Mega Contract


After a Twitterstorm over H&M’s latest campaign for their kid’s collection, P Diddy has taken action.

The image that made its rounds on the internet saw the young, African American boy dressed in a green sweatshirt with the writing “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The fact that the sweatshirt was worn by a young African American boy saw many on Twitter point out that the advert was in bad taste and actually racist. According to The Independent, a spokesperson for H&M said the image had been removed, adding: “We apologize to anyone this may have offended.”

Following the uproar over the flawed and insensitive H&M advertising, The Weekend also went on to Twitter to announce he would not be working with the brand.

And it seems that The Weeknd would not be the only celebrity to lash out at the clothing retailer. Music mogul P. Diddy to the chance to offer the young model a contract worth $1M to work with Diddy’s clothing brand, Sean John. Though it is not confirmed whether or not the young talent is set to accept the generous offer. If Diddy’s Instagram post is anything to go by, the young model could be the next big thing.



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