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MMU suspends 38 students for exam cheating

Multi Media University College


Multimedia University College has suspended 38 students for allegedly cheating in an exam they sat for last April.


Another 34 students suspected of cheating were also summoned by the Exam Disciplinary Committee and are waiting the outcome of the investigations.


According to the invigilator of the sociology paper, Mrs. Kathure, the students were copying answers from writings that were on the classroom walls. The students are in the Faculty of Media and Communication.


The Academic Registrar, Dr. Ngoo, added the students were caught with mobile phones in the exam room.


“We must note that most of the students were diploma students who cheated in the exam. These students are weaker academically and may be tempted to cheat to move on to the next level,” said Dr. Ngoo.


Dr. Ngoo went on to say, ”Evil minds are always present in society. There is no cause for alarm. We are looking into the matter very cautiously and those who are found guilty will be kicked out of the institution.”


But some of the affected students say there was no cheating that took place.


“All the students who were sitting along the walls were told to write down their names on a piece of paper. We finished the paper and went on holiday. When we reported back to school in May, 72 of us were summoned by the Exam Disciplinary Committee and 38 were suspended immediately,” says Martin Korir, one of the suspended student.


The student leadership suspects foul play in the suspension of the students.


Writing on the wall



”We do not want the students of MMU to be seen as cheats. The writings on the walls have been there for years and have nothing to do with the current students,” Gilbert Koech, the chairman of the Student Union said.


According to the Student Union, the suspensions should be revoked.


”We are not going to entertain cheating. However, we are only going to accept that students are cheating if the walls are repainted.”


The student union believes the lecturer behind the whole matter had an ulterior motive and was out to get the students.


”It was unfair to my classmates because they weren’t given a chance to explain what really happened. Now they face the wrong judgment,” said Nibraa Ayodo, one of the classmates of the suspended students.

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