MKU Botanical Garden gains recognition


Mount Kenya University has now been internationally recognized for their diverse Botanical Garden.

The Kenyan university was  awarded after the publication of a peer reviewed research article in the latest edition. The publication titled, “ Assessment of diversity and conservation status of plants at Mount Kenya University Medicinal Botanical Garden, Thika sub-County, Kiambu County, Kenya” (Link: is as a result of an intensive three year joint research between the School of Pharmacy and the MKU Directorate of Research, Grants and Endowments.

mku 12

The research revealed that the botanical garden was home to two plant species that were endemic ( only found in the MKU Botanical Garden). According to an article posted on the university site, the plants face extinction making the garden even more prestigious.  The results of the research will encourage conservation of the species. The efforts will continue on, especially so since one particular plant out of the two is the subject of a PhD thesis.


For more information on the MKU Botanical Garden, visit the university site.



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