Who Is Miss Moi University ?


Tall, beautifully adorned with a crown on her head, the story of Eve Wangari as Miss Moi University 2016/2017 is an interesting one.  Capital Campus Correspondent got an exclusive interview with the varsity beauty queen to find out a bit about what is behind the pageant persona.

CC: Which course are you pursuing?

Eve: I am taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communication and Advertising

CC: Have you always been interested in modeling?

Eve:  Yes I have since I was little. Remember the days of the Young Nation? I would stare at the magazine for hours wondering what those children models did to get there. My interest grew but I never acted on it till I joined campus. I had a few modeling gigs which fostered my growth. It has not been easy at all. I hoped to make my official debut through a Zuku Television commercial back in 2014. We shot the commercial but my part didn’t air.I  felt shattered and thought maybe this wasn’t meant for me. It took me months for me to get back to modeling again.

CC: What other interests do you have apart from modeling?

Eve:  I adore books and always love meeting new people. Someone told me the person you will be 5  years from now is a combination of the books you read and the people you meet. I am  also passionate about graphic design and I won’t miss out on a good movie.

CC: What was the feeling after being crowned Miss Moi University?

Eve:  The feeling of being crowned was exhilarating. I felt I had conquered my fears and that I had finally set the right foot in my modeling career.


CC: What is the best thing about being Miss Moi University?

Eve: The best thing about being Miss Moi 2016/17 is that it proved to me that nothing is impossible. For so long I have struggled with self-esteem issues and being crowned Miss Moi impacted positively on my journey to confidence and for that I am grateful.

CC:How do you deal with challenges and especially nay-sayers?

Eve: Every  journey has its challenges;you can’t let haters deter you from focusing on your goals. I don’t give them much attention because remember not everyone will be happy for your success. I find it easier to focus on my goals rather than haters

CC: What’s your favorite quote that keeps you going when things are tough?

 Eve:  Every no you get only brings you closer to the sound of yes. That’s my personal philosophy.

CC: Tell us one thing we don’t know about you.

Eve:  People don’t know that I have a twin brother. His name is Dan.

CC: On a lighter note, are you currently dating, searching or contently single?

Eve:  I am dating. I have been in a relationship for 3 years with one wonderful guy. His name is Dennis Kan Maritim

Connect with Eve Wangari Instagram- @ItsEveKari Facebook- Eve Wangari


This interview was conducted by Capital Campus Correspondent Anthony Mbugua.



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