Miss KU shares passion for charity and a blossoming modeling career

Wendy Makena

Wendy Makena is hot property in Kenyatta University. She has always been, but after winning the coveted Miss KU crown late last year, she now seems like a goddess to the eyes of gentlemen. Well, she isn’t just beautiful to the eye; she’s beautiful to the soul too. Once she starts speaking to you, you don’t want her to stop. The third year Environmental Science student is truly an appealing person.

Beneath herself-effacing character is a lady that is determined, principled and one who takes victories in stride. Miss KU and Miss University contestant shares on her life and modeling career

Tell me about yourself

I am an ambitious, adventurous and hardworking lady with a soft spot for needy kids. I am always happy and that has really helped me to have a positive attitude in life. I never give up too.

Interesting, you mentioned having a spot for needy kids. Does that mean you do charity work?

Absolutely!  I’m about to launch a society help project called Save Street Children. My partners in the project are the current Mr. KU Eric Kagunda and Mr.Disabilty 2nd runners up Cyrus Munyoki.  What we basically intend to do with the project is improve social welfare. First we intend to initiate street kid feeding programs. We do intend to offer the kids a chance to go to school but they can’t concentrate if they are hungry. The first step is feeding. We also intend to offer them free medical services. Meanwhile we are talking to sponsors and volunteers and I can guarantee that the project will be as success.

That’s inspiring, are you planning to launch the project?

We’re launching in February. I also do charity work in my home county Tharaka Nithi. I involve myself with a community help group known as Touch Our Children’s Souls. The experience has thus created a desire to start my own project.

When did you start modeling and what gave you the inspiration?

My best friend Fridah Ereri is the one who made me believe I could model. That was way back in primary school. Before that, I used to be a Tom Boy. (laughs). After I joined highs school (ChukaGirls ), I enrolled in all the pageants I came across. Then I joined Kenyatta University and began looking for serious opportunities. A minor breakthrough came during my second year. I contested for the Miss Kenyatta University crown and finished as 3rd runners up. Soon after, I contested for the Miss Environment Kenya crown and finished as 1st runners up. After that, I set my mind on the Miss KU crown again and here I am.

Did you expect to win? Was it a surprise?

I was shocked. I never expected to win. I knew I would finish at a better position than I had the previous year but I never really thought I would win.  There was stiff competition. I was overjoyed. The feel good emotion hasn’t faded since the day I was crowned.

Do you think you’ll win the Miss University Kenya crown too?

I know I will. My predecessor, Eunice Kamau did well by winning both the Miss KU crown and the Miss University crown. I intend to do the same. I want people to vote for me because of the potential I have not because of who I am. You can vote by going to www.missuniversity.or.ke

How do you balance between studying and modeling?

Discipline has enabled me to strike the perfect balance. I never miss classes unless I really have to. I value my education more than anything else. The beauty might one day go away but the knowledge and papers will always remain. I love my modeling and my books in equal measure.

Have your parents been supportive of your modeling career?

Yes my parents have always been supportive especially my dad Mr. Frank Muriithi.  He’s the best. He always wants to see me make it in my endeavors. All of my success and achievement, I always dedicate to him.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are hiking, socializing, watching science-fiction movies, drawing and watching birds.

And your mentors/role models?

Mitchelle Obama and the late Prof. Wangari Maathai. I like Mitchelle Obama because she’s powerful and aggressive. She puts the most powerful man in the world in check. Being an environmentalist, I have always envied Prof. Maathai’s work. When I sit and look at what she did, I feel more motivated to put effort and seriousness in whatever I do.

Are you seeing someone?

Whoops! I never expected that question. Haha. No, I am very much single. I am not searching because I believe that when you turn tables to look for something, you won’t find it. You’ll only find it when you least expect it. So when the right guy comes along, I’ll consider him

Any word of advice to aspiring models?

Don’t model because you think you are beautiful. Model because you have the passion. Passion will prevent you from giving up. It’ll make you go a long way.

Final words?

I would just urge my fellow youth and students to focus. Life has many challenges and wrong turns. One can easily be swayed by complications of the world. Be determined and never lose sight of your goal.

Interview by Philip Etemesi (KU)

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