Mindsets To Overcome While Climbing The Corporate Ladder



Career growth requires one to adopt new attitudes, as well the ability to unlearn learnt habits. Most of the time, promotions follow suit and are greatly related to the level of income one gets and the particular position in the company. However, for one to progress up the career ladder, one must do away with a number of established set of attitudes. Here are some of the attitudes you must do away with:

Here are some of the attitudes you must do away with:

1. “I Am Content With The Little I Have”
This is possibly the very first thing one must get rid of if at all he/she envisions a vibrant future ahead of them. Great minds think big and so do successful people. If you earn, Ksh.40, 000 every month and you’re able to pay your bills and still have some good money left, a content person is less likely to hustle hard to improve themselves. So, being content with small things is a definite let down.

2. “I Fear Failure”
Fear guts down opportunities one might have in unfolding right ahead of them. It is normal to be fearful, but the difference between success and failure is a daring attitude. Successful people are audacious and possess the ability to bounce back from rejection.

3.”It Is Not My Time Yet”
Procrastination could be the greatest obstacle to your career growth. Corporates will tell you it’s either now or never. A futurist would make the most of business opportunities and manipulate it for their benefit. Take the reigns of your career, and steer it into the future you hope to possess.

4.”Where Is The Proof?”
“I need proof that it works. Send me a screenshot of your bank balance,”‘ a friend may say. Or profoundly, another may suggest, “…go ahead and try, when you succeed, I’ll venture into that biashara too.” Those with this mental.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair.



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