Do Millennials Still Treasure Morals?


According to Pope John Paul II much more referred to as the Pope of the Youth, “the greatest sin of this generation is the loss of sense of sin.” That is absolutely true and there is no point arguing about it. What used to be evil has now become innocent. Moral values have been degraded. Philosophers say that morality is relative. They say that good or bad depends on the culture in which you were born. But what really is the truth? Where did the rain start beating us?

Moral values do vary from one community to another but that should not be a justification to say that morality is relative. One community might differ with the other in matters of what is wrong or right but at least there are somethings they will agree. Take for instance life or respect for the dead, all communities will agree that these are matters of great importance and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That proves the existence of universal moral codes which the world of today is trying to do away with.

Few decades ago life used to be simple or so they say. There was only black and white things, good and bad. Universal codes of conduct used to be upheld but all of a sudden there are grey areas. No movie can end without a kissing scene if it’s not too religious. You cannot watch a movie with your son and feel safe. What happened to morality? What happened to human dignity? This might be rebellious but the human race has totally gone off the rails!

What about our songs? If it doesn’t have nudes it won’t hit. The music have no content or if it’s there only a little. What used to be food of the soul is now ailing our souls. What about the musicians, don’t they think that’s wrong? No. They call it freedom. Freedom of expression! It all degrades the dignity of the human being.
My dress my choice but don’t you know that choices have consequences? How you dress is how you will be addressed how did you forget that? Does it hurt if you dress diligently? Think of the bigger picture, how many men will you lead astray? That small child looks up to you, the child that will want to dress like you? Freedom of expression you have but look at the impact you create on the outside world.

Who said it’s cool to be a drunk? Who said that ‘the last man standing’ is a champion? Don’t you know that your kids will follow your actions not your words! You might say you will stop but that’s justifying your wrongs. Justification of sins will cripple this generation.

It’s time to listen to the rebellious opinion of the few who still believe in universal moral codes. It is time to revive the dignity of the human race. Nonsense is just nonsense even when spoken by famous scientists according to Steven Hopkins. Then why do things just because celebrities and TV stars do? Right is right even when nobody is right and wrong is wrong even when everybody is wrong. Morality might be relative but the existence universal codes is not debatable. Don’t lose sense of sin just because the world has lost its sense although to them it might be a rebellious opinion!


Written by Brian Joseph Nayema, a Lenana School student.



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