Millennials Leaders Of Tomorrow?

The human race perhaps might have gotten ill along the way. Infected by something far much worse than any disease it has ever faced. A virus worse than AIDS and the worst part is that it is humanly incurable. A supreme being might be able to heal it but a teacher is always silent during a test. The illness is forgetfulness.

Old men of age who were less affected by this disease observed that when the earth starts to settle the devil throws a stone at it thus bringing up a generation of rebels. A generation of round pegs in square holes that instead revolutionize the world. A perfect example being Galilei Galileo. The forgetful human mind of this era has forgotten even that observation. The current rebellious I-generation is an example of round pegs in square holes.

The older generation which experienced a time of relative peace and prosperity tend to think that the post-millennials will bring the human race to its knees and perhaps its extinction. Considering the current crises maybe they are right. Maybe generation Z will lead the human race to extinction. But maybe that’s not quite right, maybe generation Z want to revolutionize the world so that the human race might rise from the ashes as always.

Consider the older generation; they had a time of peace and respect to each other calling it diplomacy. But what really is the truth? This infection has taken root in the mind of mankind that they mistake even the very meaning of words. They mistake peace for quiet and respect for fear. Peace and respect are required reciprocity but fear and quiet only go one way. The African counties have been suppressed to fear and quiet while the western countries triumph over them calling it diplomacy. The current generation of Africans have the urge to cure the human race of this disease and have noticed this but the older generation has forgotten.

The human race has sunk deep into a comfort zone where nothing important happens. The internet and many recent inventions have made life so easy that they can’t cure human race. The only way to ensure the survival of mankind is for the older generation to raise the white flag and pass the baton to the rebellious youth.

According to the Bible, when Pharaoh saw the famine coming, he placed Joseph, a Jew, a slave and a youth in charge of all Egypt. This was against the will of many but as a leader, he had to make the tough call. To the surprise and disbelief of many Joseph was responsible and saved them when the famine came. Although the youth might seem rebellious and enslaved by the internet, they are the best chance the human race has got.

Mankind has had its own fair share of mysteries and forgetfulness makes it think it’s on top of its game. When a fire strike, when the devil throws a stone, it might be only the accused generation that might be able to fight back. All is not lost. Hope is not lost. History repeats itself and maybe the time of Joseph in Egypt is still yet to come.

This article was written by Brian Nayema.