Millenials Upset The Typical Work Place With Their Demands


Millennials also known as Generation Y have a different approach to the work environment. The following five features explain the employee-employer relationship most millennials hope for. Here is what any employer could better relate to the recent hires in their firm.


1.Lay Down The Boss Role And Pick Up The Role A Mentor

Millennials want to work in an environment where their boss is a great a mentor and not a strict and aloof employer. Millenials look forward to an accommodative working environment. Eager to learn and hungry for experience, a boss who guides rather than instructs could get the best out of a millenial on their payroll.


2.Use Digital Media To Your Advantage

Remember when people used to write letters? Well, that era is dead and gone. With the emergence of the internet and social media, all cross communication among millennials is through their smartphones. It is important to move with the times and full embrace technology to improve efficiency.


3.Promote Creativity Among Millenials

An open office layout that allows the free flow of ideas is a perfect match for millennials. Traditional cubicles where employees seem cut off from colleagues has have been replaced with open working spaces, where collaboration and participation are celebrated.


4.Flexi Hours Could Boost Productivity

Millennials prefer to work on assigned tasks in their own time. Unlike the past, they are not tied down to one job. Work that involves constant presence is given thumps down by millennials.



This article was written by Willie Blair.



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