Miley Cyrus Speaks On How The Media Affected Her Personality


Miley Cyrus says the music industry made her “guarded”.


The ‘Malibu’ hitmaker admits it was tough growing up in the spotlight and she is hopeful her sibling Noah won’t become “guarded” or feel she has to go out of her way to please people because of the pressure. She said: “When you’re in this industry, adults treat kids like adults. I think the way people judge you or people would write articles on me when I was a kid going through the times of having crazy breakouts or going through break ups or whatever I was going through, people would treat me like I could handle those comments as an adult, like I had this thick skin.


“I think it makes you jaded, it makes you guarded, and I don’t ever want her to get like that. Or your style or the way that you think because you want to please people. I really hope that she never feels those pressures and I hope other people respect her and don’t actually make her something she’s not.” And there is one particular piece of advice Miley has for Noah – to not read what other people say about her on social media and the Internet. She added: “I always tell Noah, keep your Instagram comments turned off. Never read anything that anyone says about you. Don’t Google yourself.”


And Miley, 24, says her sibling has a new appreciation for how hard it has been for Miley over the last few years as she is experiencing similar things – like touring – for herself. Speaking to Elvis Duran on his iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers podcast, she said: “Now with Noah being on the road, she kind of understands, more than ever, how I feel of how draining it is. She kind of understands how hard it is now. Now having someone that really understands how hard it can be when you’re away from home for a month, me and my little sister have a new bond over that … I’m really proud of her that she did. I think she really didn’t involve me as much … I think she just wanted to get out on her own two feet without this having anything to do with me.”




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