Message to men: No woman has time to babysit your ego


He has an ego so big it can’t fit in his own huge head. He walks with a swagger as if he owns the universe. He speaks smoothly, yet with a tinge of self-entitlement, you would easily be confused to conclude that he is the messiah for all women.

His unbridled superiority and egotism is apparent in the way he carries himself with glassy essence and a false sense of self-importance. He behaves as if the world owes him praise and admiration and speaks as if he has the monopoly of knowledge and wisdom. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the life of an egotistical man. The man who believes that the sun rises and sets on his epic ass.

There’s nothing harder for a woman in a relationship or marriage than to deal with a man full of ego. A man who wants the world to literally rotate around him. Everything has to be his way. Like a diva, he has to be the centre of attention his ego constantly massaged. He wants to be continuously told how handsome, successful, intelligent and the perfect man he is. He has to have the last word. He’s always right. He’s the only one who knows everything about everything, and he can never make a mistake, and even if he does, he will never ever admit it.

Well, brothers in case you didn’t get the memo, consider yourselves served: no woman has time to babysit your ego. Times have changed brother. Like it or not, women have become wiser, stronger, smarter, independent and financially stable. They don’t need your money to be happy. They got their own. They can cheat just as much as you can. They can lie, drink, be egotistical and all proud, just as much as you.

So, don’t be walking around thinking you are God’s special delivery package to women. In fact, don’t treat her like you are irreplaceable. Trust me, you will be shocked the day you realise that they are some other fine brothers out there who are so willing and ready to catch a grenade for her. Cross the ocean for her. Adore her, value her, love her and simply treat her like the princess that she is.

They are some good men out there, who got their life together, and who are so ready to rock her world, make her feel special everyday without having to call her a bitch. These are brothers who are ready to not just sweat on top of her, but sweat to provide for her also without having to call her a gold digger. So, don’t think even for a minute that her life will be miserable without your big ego swimming in her tears.

If you are involved with a woman, realise that it boils down to total love and care, and not about your ego. Lasting relationships are build on love, respect, faithfulness and commitment, and not on egos and a false sense of self-importance and self-entitlement. No woman cares about your expensive car, impressive educational background and flourishing career if all you do is to constantly treat her like she isn’t a priority to you. In a relationship, your woman is not supposed to compete with your ego.

Let’s face it. We all have egos. There’s no problem with that. It is natural. It’s fine. Ego is what defines who we are. It’s the opinion we have of ourselves, and how we perceive ourselves. In other words, it’s part of our mind that senses and adapts to the real world. The problem, however, is when some of us allow our ego to run wild.

It’s time brothers realize that the world doesn’t exist by their achievement, success and money, or skimpy dressed egos. There’s more to life than your pride, attitude and ego. If all you do to your woman is constantly bring her down and treat her like trash, you have no business being in a relationship. Ooh! yes! we get it. You have sijui two plots in Kitengela. We get it, you bought the C200 from the showroom, and your pay check is plus six digits. So, you have travelled the world, dined and wined with the high and mighty.

Trust me, we totally get it brother. You are very important, powerful and you happen to be the custodian of all the knowledge on cars, football, boxing, movies, latest gadgets and women. But then again, just so you know – you aren’t the only fish in the pond. So, calm down brother. Be humble. Take it easy. Learn to manage your ego and pride. No matter who you are, what you own and how successful you are – realise that there’s more to life than your ego. Respect your woman. Appreciate her. Value her. Love her. Because if you don’t someone else will. And with so many fine brothers out there salivating after her curvy figure, bubbly smile, warm personality and good heart, trust me no woman has time to babysit your ego.

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