Meru University of Technology and Science on the verge of another strike


The political scene at Meru University of Science and Technology is at currently is charged and likely to experience another strike. With the cause still being the same one that fueled the August 2017 strike, students continue to protest what they term as “high tuition fees”. The administration continues to face off against comrades who have yet again started threatening to go on strike. The administration is not an inch closer to allaying students’ concerns on the high student tuition fees.

In a meeting held on 22/1/218, the student leader Hon. Wangila Wabomba issued the administration with a memo that gave them four days to address the issue, lest the students take matters into their own hands.

Caught in the crossfire between the administration and the students is the dean of students Mr.Jacob Ikiara. However, some have expressed their displeasure with how he is trying to handle the matter. Although unconfirmed, leaked screenshots show that the dean is trying to influence the students’ opinion by paying off those with ‘threatening’ levels of influence. Students Association of Meru University (SAMU) has said that they will issue a statement that will either direct the comrades to pay tuition by the agreed 8,500 or mobilize them to strike. They have also further warned that any student who will defy the directive given by SAMU after the four-day wait will be labeled a public enemy.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent John Obiayo.



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