Mental Health Continues To Deteriorate Among The Youth

They say that the worst pain in life is losing a child. When parents hear that their child is thinking about suicide, or has even tried to commit suicide, they often become paralyzed by the fear that they will say or do something that will lead their child to take their own life.

Recently, I arrived at my hostel from work to a state of shock, grief, and disbelief. A suicide attempt by one of the neighbors, (a university student). According to the grieving neighbors, it was around six in the morning when the victim had cut and bruised herself on both hands. Walked to one of her friend’s house bleeding profusely, for help.

When opening the door in great shock the neighbor screamed out for help as he rushed to pick a piece of cloth to tie the wounded cuts. Upon calling the ambulance, the victim hesitated to be taken and treated as she cried in despair. The suicide attempt was an escape from dealing with an ailing mother, who is currently being hospitalized suffering from cancer. She was faced with depression, and at that very moment, suicidal thoughts crept in, a situation she explained to have overcome her.

However, the school had organized therapy sessions to help her. But all was in vain since this suicide attempt was not the first, second or even the third but the fourth this year.Due to the increasing number of the suicide attempts, her medical insurance card had to be revoked by the school. After all, her appointments were based on the suicide attempts which had become questionable by the university administration.

Mental health is increasingly more prominent as a disease more should be aware of. With matters of depression, bipolar disorder on top of the list of mental disorders, more need to understand the signs and symptoms and how to deal with them appropriately. The necessary structures within universities and colleges could help prevent the loss of life of Kenya’s youth.

This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Brian Waweru.