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  • woow its a high time pepole realise wart true luv is and marry the one you love and u feel good when there are around …as for her case it aint true love.she is in for the money 

  • This woman is undoubtedly in it for the money; it also appears that she’s somewhat of a push over ’cause she has continued to tolerate her husband’s philandering ways throughout their ‘marriage’. I agree with the author when he says that it is quite unlikely for the husband’s behavior to change for this woman accepted him despite his ‘traditionalist’ ways.How then can one expect exclusivity at this point in their relationship?

  • H0w the hell did this discussion turn against the woman? She’s the victim here. Granted, ni msiba wa kujitakia, but still she stayed with him for twenty years,. It is probably love, with its attendant naivety and short-sighted analytical capability, but it’s still love. Let’s not demonise the woman.

  • Sorry Michael I have to differ with you, but Maurice is pathetic (to say the least) at a bridal shower. I was at one where he was invited to sometime last year in November, and he gave a very poor and dismal performance. His talk and the ‘advice’ he gave was cheap, pedestrian and very discouraging to any woman. I certainly would not recommend him for any bridal shower. Thanks.

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