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Meet CUEA student that is an exceptional tuba player


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A tuba, for the less informed or refined people out there, is a musical instrument that resembles a big saxophone. You would ask, “who would want to play such an instrument?” But one Catholic University of Eastern of Africa (CUEA) student has gone places as a result of his skills. Shelmith Maureen tells us about Paul.

He is known as Paul Asiyo commonly but his true identity is Paul Sitnam Asiyo. He is just 20 years and currently a criminology student at CUEA. His course choice is interesting considering his musical talents. He started his music love affair not long ago while still in high school, Nairobi School. He specialized in playing the tuba.

After high school, he became a member of the National Youth Orchestra and also  dedicated considerable time in community work as well as teaching music during his free time.
Despite his tight schedule, there is something noticeable about Paul. He is a charmer for sure, but deeply in love with his girlfriend. But what caught my attention is his deep love for his family especially his old folks. He once told me in a conversation jokingly, that he bought a radio for his granny Just as a gift, (those are his awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh moments!)

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Paul still claims that he owes everything to God and his loving support from family and friends. He also added that he is still not there yet. He looks up to a lady known as Jennie Moore (I guess a renowned tuba player as well).


However, he is a typical guy and an ardent fan of Liverpool FC and Japanese animation character anime and manga.


He ended by this quote: “God does not give you people you want but people you need, those who love you, hate you, despise you, those who support you too and others who look down upon you. So that by the end of the day these people will really make you the true person you are destined to be.

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