Matiang’i Might Deal With A Revolt


As the results of the KCSE 2016 were presented, it soon became clear that the majority were disappointed with the performance of Kenya’s youth. With Fred Matiang’i at the helm of the Ministry of Education, his implementation of strict policies and examination reforms has had secondary students bear the brunt of the new and improved education system.

With Matiang’i moving on swiftly to straighten out Kenya’s institutions of higher education, Matiang’i seems like the villain who has the stakeholders of this great nation shaking at the knees. Though the reforms may have most crying foul right now, the long-term benefits will be worth the hoopla.

In a recent video, comedic duo Propesa took to their social media platforms to share their take on the Matiang’i effect on the lives on students. In the video, the two call on their so-called “Big Brother” William Ruto to sort out the villenous Fred Matiang’i by urging Members of Parliament to remove Cabinet Secretary from his govermnet post. They even went as far as to specify theme chants to revolt “Matiang’i Must Go!”

The video’s satirical approach to the fundamental matters of the education of Kenya’s youth shines a light on how complex and misunderstood the new Matiang’i reforms truly are.



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