Maseno University Student’s Death Sparks Protests and Campus Closure


A student at the Maseno University died on the 31st of October following an altercation with an unidentified man. According to reports, the third-year student got into a heated  argument with the man before his death. He was found in a private hostel that was his residence at the time.

Maseno University known to be the “Fountain of Excellence” was alight with anger as students took matters into their hands and proceeded to retaliate by lynching the man who killed the young student. Outraged students also went on to block roads on the Kisumu- Busia Highway, causing a major traffic snarl up on the busy road. Reports also claim in protest of their colleague’s death,  the students went on to pelt motorists with stones, damaging personal property while bringing traffic to a halt.


After an emergency matter to discuss the matter, the University Senate released an internal memo. The official memo (pictured here) urged all students to vacate the premises as the university would remain closed indefinitely.  The memo was released under the authority of the Maseno Vice Chancellor Prof. Julius O Nyabundi.

In an attempt to bring calm to the area Kisumu County Commissioner Mohamed Maalim redirected traffic as formal investigations into the matter begin to ascertain the happenings that caused the death of the student.

More information on this matter is yet to be released.

The Meru University of Science and Technology was also closed indefinitely, following protests that erupted on Monday 31st October after the death of a student. The university premise was closed by the ruling of the campus senate.

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