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Maseno Old Boys Association Move To Court To Have Principle Reinstate


In a case filed before the Kisumu Industrial and Labour Relations Court, the Old Boys Association urged the court to halt the entire process and that the principal is reinstated, arguing that due process was not followed in his suspension mid last week.

The Old Boys Association’s lawyer James Aggrey Mwamu, appearing before Justice Mourine Onyango, argued that Otula was not accorded a fair hearing.

“There were allegations against the principal but the appointment of a headmaster from Homa Bay in 30 days without allowing the deputy to act sounds a little bit queer to the old boys,” he stated.

“There must be fair administrative action.”

The matter will be heard on Thursday.

“In a big school such as Maseno, it is important that transition is managed properly in order not to spoil the standards which have been maintained there for the last 15 years,” the lawyer said.

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The Maseno School Parents Association Chairman James Obondi has since dismissed sodomy claims at the institution that led to the action against the principal.

Obondi indicated that several agencies have conducted investigations and found out that there was no sodomy in the school.

“When we heard about this, as concerned parents, we decided to carry out our own independent investigations. We talked to our sons and assisted other stakeholders in conducting their own investigations and having carefully studied the reports generated,” he said.

He indicated that there is a wider scheme to portray both the school and the principal in bad light.

Obondi explained that the alleged student victim categorically stated that he was not sodomized.


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