Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg Host Rick Ross For Dinner


In the new show “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg host a dinner party on each episode. The show debuted online on 8th of November , the show is an interesting mix of characters and personalities as the two bring on an eclectic group of guests together to wine and dine on their show. With Martha taking the lead on all things food, Snoop Dogg brings his street smarts, funny quips and hilarious anecdotes. The two learn from each other and share their personalities with the guests fortunate enough to be invited to the show.

The show now on its second episode had rapper Rick Ross and supermodel Ashley Graham as guests. As the four cooked lobster and sipped on only the finest of drinks, it became obvious that there was chemistry brewing between Martha Stewart and Rick Ross. Rick Ross also known as “Rickey Rozay” was quite a smooth operator, whispering sweet nothings into Martha’s ear and treating her with tender love as he massaged her back.Martha even went as far as to spoon-feed Ross once dinner was ready. The two had everyone blushing as they proceeded to flirt throughout the show. Many too to social media reacting to the interaction between the two celebrities.

The show brings the best of pop culture drawing personas from  extreme ends of life. The dinner party could have gangster rappers seated with supermodels and actors. The shows continues to gain more viewers as many tune in to see the dynamic duo host and cook to please their celebrity guest list.



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