Marijuana Now Legal in 28 States


Although the American Presidential vote presented unfavorable results, in some states the legalization of weed gives many something to smile about. With the first states participating in the decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis  in 2012, there has been a slow progression to the final legalization of weed in the rest of the United States.

Classified as a drug, marijuana which also bears the street name “Mary Jane,”  is known to have medicinal properties. Helping ease the pain for those who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms as well as helping reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients, the drug is said to have numerous medical uses.

According to FoxNews website, in the state of Maine ” People 21 or older will now be allowed to use up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana, and retail marijuana shops and social clubs could open around the state. Some municipalities have balked at allowing such businesses to open in their communities” .

As part of the vote held on 8th November, three other states namely California, Nevada and Massachusetts passed a bill to legalize recreation use of marijuana. Other states had already passed a bill to decriminalize Cannabis. Amongst the first states to embrace the benefits of the popular herb include North Pacific states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

As the American people work towards the implementation of the drug, it is a long road before one can simply buy a bag of weed to consume at home. Fox News wrote “The campaign that pushed for legalization turned immediately toward the implementation process on Thursday. They said they hope marijuana will be available in retail establishments by 2018. Marijuana won’t become available at the retail level until after a state rulemaking process that could be slow and arduous.” David Boyer, the campaign manager for Yes On 1, said: “the people who advocated for legal marijuana will also play a role in its implementation.”

Measures to regulate the use and tax producers of marijuana can make a great case for the legalization of weed. As the Maine federal government looks into creating a structure to make the implementation of the bill a smooth transition, other nations including Jamaica are working towards the decriminalization of weed.




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