5 ways to decipher bae #Manspeak


They say men are from Mars. Whether it is because of how they speak, interpret statements or even express themselves. To truly understand you man, sometimes it might call for a little man speak to decipher a man’s language when he speaks to you and throws you off.

Well, here are a few scenarios, I was able to come up with in understanding the Man’s Dictionary that might help in figuring out what your partner could be trying to communicate:

1. When he looks bothered but does not want to talk.
This scenario seems all too familiar, especially when you happen to ask him what is wrong and all he replies is “Nothing”. It drives you crazy as a woman doesn’t it? But chances are that he probably needs time to process what he is thinking about so as to tell you later. In short, he doesn’t mean to come off as rude, he probably just wants to deal with the problem by himself.

2. When he calls you and asks, “Please can you come over?”
Ok, ladies, if he calls you out of the blue and asks you to swing by his place, chances are that he is bored and would love for you to pass by and spend some time with him. It does not necessarily mean that he loves you. He just needs company, that’s all, otherwise, if he really wanted to see you he would have said just that and might have probably opted to take you out on a date not called you just to sit in his house and play X box with him!

3. When he does not get jealous of seeing you with other guys.
So picture this, you have both decided to go partying, and another guy checks you out. You obviously expect him to rescue you from guys who are catcalling and pulling the craziest moves to get your attention. But for some weird reason, your partner doesn’t mind, he might probably smile to himself as he watches you cringe at their awkward comments. Ladies, his smiling does not mean that he is enjoying seeing you with other guys, it could be that he does not want to create drama and show how insecure he is by fighting over you.

4. When he sleeps with you but has never said he loves you.
I bet this is quite common in today’s world of random hookups. It is assumed if a guy sleeps with you, he might end up confessing how he loves you, right? Well, I hate to correct you, but this is where you go wrong. If the guy does not say he loves you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t, he probably needs time and some liquid courage to say it. Should this shock you? No, absolutely not, sometimes it could be a guy is still trying to figure out his feelings for you and has not really been overcome with the guts to say “I love you”.

5. When he decides to spend time with the boys instead of you.
Ladies, when he opts to hang out with the boys over a drink or go for a drive instead of staying with you in the house, it just means that he wants to spend time with his mates. So, when he pulls this stunt, you shouldn’t take it personally, instead engage yourself in a hobby.




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