Who does the Mannequin Challenge Better Kevin Hart or James Corden?


Started by a couple of high school students, the Mannequin Challenge began on the 26th of October and gained popularity online very quickly. Going viral within a few days, the challenge went on to be a must do with celebrities joining in the fun. However, for some,  the challenge has backfired with some kids in Britain getting in some trouble while performing the challenge in public spots including in the middle of traffic.

With the first video shared by a group of teenagers, comedy king Kevin Hart, British funnyman James Corden and of course a slew of college football teams made their contribution to the challenge. Professional basketball team Sacramento Kings joined in the fun as well taking the video in the locker room after a practice session. A surprise submission to the challenge included Beyonce with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. With the soundtrack of choice being the Rae Sremmurd hitsong “Black Beatles,”  making the challenge has caught on like wildfire.



The bigger the degree of difficulty in the posed actions, the better the challenge. In this case, Kevin Hart’s video was much better than that of James Corden though the quality of video is much better.

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