Maligned Miss Uganda tipped to win Miss World


Miss UG

Apparently, the vilified Miss Uganda is one of the favorites to win Miss World on 14th December, according to New Vision. Leah Kelanguka was picked to represent Uganda in the global beauty pageant, but many people on social media questioned the choice on the grounds that she is not ‘visually appealing.’

New Vision, quoting Daily Mail, said the 23-year-old Computer Engineering graduate has 7/10 chances of winning the crown against 119 other beauty queens from other countries.

However, we did a quick search on the Daily Mail and didn’t find the ranking New Vision was referring to. Maybe it’s another Daily Mail.

There was a huge debate on social media, not just in Uganda but also in Kenya, over the choice of Leah as Miss Uganda, attracting defenders and critics in the same measure.


Meanwhile, Miss Kenya – who we interviewed a few weeks ago, has been listed in the top 10 contestants for ‘beauty with a purpose.’



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