Make The Best Of Where You Stand


A good number of people are unhappy with what they are currently doing in school, the point they are at in their life or just tired of the same static routine each day. To kickstart the best of the new year,  learn to make the best of every situation and take the reigns of your life.
To avoid a life lived in retrospect, here are a couple of things to make the best of 2017.
1. Find a hobby

A hobby can give you an escape from your daily routine and re-align your focus. Explore writing, learning a new musical instrument, photography or travelling, whatever floats your boat; refuel your mind and body.
2.Maintain friendships that build you up

Good friends, build you not tear you down. Spend time with those that you share common interests with and engage in fun activities together. Share your frustrations and dreams and enjoy the joys of true friendships. Like Drake said, “no new friends” there’s no room for fake friendships.

Keep good friends, those that you share common interests with. Engage in fun activities, go hiking, go out for drinks or just a good meal once in a while. Share your frustrations and dreams. We are made to be social beings.
3.Take an online course

Try something out of your normal career line or even something that you’ve always wanted to do. Challenge yourself by growing your skill set. This new goal could improve your time management skills.

Take time off to take stock. Take time to acknowledge your progress so far and set realistic attainable goals. If need be, change a few things. Learn to enjoy your own company.
5.Stay positive.

The year is bound to have its ups and downs but a positive attitude is half the battle. Look for the silver lining in every cloud, or better yet, personally put one on your cloud.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Eden Kimondo.



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