Lupita’s Endorsement For Her Daddy May Have Fallen On Deaf Ears


As the political campaigns heat up, aspirants are calling in favors left, right and center in an an attempt to convince the electorate to vote in their favor. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o is no different as Lupita went online to share an open letter to her daddy and the constituents of Kisumu, urging them to vote for her father as Governor of Kisumu.


The current Senator for Kisumu County is gunning for the big seat and has spared no effort to secure the seat of Governor. Nonetheless, the academic turned politician has made major contributions to democracy and development in Kenya. The former Minister for Medical Services and previously the Minister for Planning & National Development has had an illustrious political career serving in the highest positions in the land for over a decade. The 71-year-old holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Political Science. In the upcoming elections, he hopes to secure the seat of Governor of Kisumu, a set up from the senatorial seat he currently holds.


Known for laying low, only making headlines in relation to his famous daughter Lupita, and party-related scandals of Orange Democratic Movement, Hon. Nyong’o has launched a campaign under the tag #TichTire where his daughter added to the fanfare of the campaigns. However, it seems seeking endorsement from his Academy Award winning daughter Lupita could have worked against him. The video could be seen as a failed political stunt that backfired miserably on Hon. Nyong’o, unearthing the many unfulfilled promised he has made over the years.


Watch the endorsement video on Lupita’s Facebook page.



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