Lupita Nyong’o sponsors Kisumu students to watch Black Panther


Black Panther star Lupita Nyong’o  is giving back to students.

Following the release of the Black Panther, the world went into a frenzy to see the first all-black cast in the highly anticipated movie. Playing Nakia, Lupita is an integral part of the action, fantasy film that was released in Febuary 2018.

According to a recent Instagram post, the 34-year-old shared her efforts in demystifying what Africa could be. Encouraging the Kisumu youth to dream big, she hoped the film would inspire the 600 students who had the chance to view the superhero film.

She captioned the post, “… wanted kids from my hometown to see the positive images reflected in the film and superheroes that they can relate to on the big screen.” With her mother’s help, Lupita hosted the students for an afternoon of fantasy. Nyong’o also went ahead to challenge others to sponsor other young minds to watch the film in an attempt to broaden their minds.



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