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A quote; ‘if you do not write, you will not be remembered.’ At first, I thought it was a call for everyone to be an author. But later it dawned on me that we all don’t need to be authors to be remembered.

The right translation of the quote would be that we have write our legacy in whatever form; books, journals, diaries etc. Most college /university students can identify with this as we have at some point been required to submit a thesis paper or term paper; a documentation of vigorous research, at the end of the course. Without the thesis, the research will be useless. Same with our talents, passions and everything we are enthusiastic about. If we don’t put ideas, events and thoughts to paper, we are likely to forget and no one will know what we are about.


Blogging is one free and fun way to share with the world what inspires you. You might have tones of interests and deciding on what to blog about might be a challenge. Key issues to consider when choosing a topic to blog about would be to consider a field that you are really passionate about, one that you have broad knowledge in and at the same time enjoy researching about. Your topic should be an area in which you are not overly sensitive about and one that you would freely encourage others to express their thoughts and opinions in.


Starting your blog is a one minute job and very easy especially with sites such as WordPress and BlogSpot. Updating regular content, however, is the real task but it can be overcome by a few hints on how to keep a steady blog.


Your blog should be consistent; this means much thought should be put into the blogging topic so as not to stray from it. It is important to be yourself in every blog post. Remember the blog is about you. A successful blog needs to be inviting, allow space for comments from readers of the blog. A most crucial point is to make you blog visible; advertise it as much as you can on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Fashion Notebook
Fashion Notebook

No one is perfect and while starting out as a blogger, you will need to seek guidance from others who are in that field; sampling all manner of blogs, professional and amateur ones.


Some of the biggest websites in the world started off as one-person blogs such Mashable and Huffington post. Check out a few top blogs in Kenya: ‘Fashion Notebook’, ‘’ ‘Kachwanya’ ‘Techweez’, are a few blogs you can get inspiration. ‘Shikowzdrama’ an upcoming blog from a student at UoN are a good place to start.


If you have an interesting blog already, drop us a link @capitalcampus, we might just publish your posts here.



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