What To Look Out For Before Sending Your Job Application Online


Job advertising platforms like Brighter Mondays, Corporate Staffing Ltd among others make it easier for job seekers to make applications for job vacancy. Most of these sites are dominated by campus students who wish to make their first pennies in the corporate world.

There are six essential parts of an advertisement to examine before applying for an online job.

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1.Time Factor
Does the advert specify whether the job is a short-term or full-time job? Do not apply for a full-time job when you know that you will be unavailable. If the job requires your physical presence at the office, you will be an inconvenience to the company. Also it is essential to be keen on the deadline for application. Most sites discard job adverts once their deadlines have elapsed.


2.The Organization
Have proper backgroung knowledge on the company with job vacancies. This includes its location, what its scope of operation is and the management team if possible. Where possible, avoid applying for jobs from anonymous people. Trustworthy adverts have names of respective companies clearly shown.


Read through the job description carefully when called for an interview. Before applying, it’s important to ensure that what it depicted on your resume matches what is listed as required qualifications. Its important to note that lying about qualifications will get you disqualified, so always be honest.


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The location where the organization or company is situated is very important. It is difficult to apply for a job which will require you to located. Imagine moving to Trans Nzoia when you’ve lived in Nairobi your entire life. Always be mindful of the location of the job offering, before submitting your application.


5.Procedure For Applying
Some adverts specify the format of the CV and cover letter should be submitted in Microsoft Word. Others need the application done on the portal and some will have a link which directs you to their website. Be mindful of the format, to ensure you stand a chance to get the job.



This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Willie Blair.



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