A Look Back At Time In Campus


I am about to finish school. Looking back, the past holds the fondest of memories. The 4 years have been adventures. Tough and fun; all rolled in one. Suffice it to say, it has been bittersweet. Of course with sweet taking the bigger share. Well, I can’t wrap my mind around the thought that days have moved by so fast. I really can’t. But this is the closest I’ve gotten to, to telling my story. Enjoy.


It is the first day. I am dragging my suitcase as we weave through the other freshers; my mum and I. The bliss of becoming a college boy makes it easy to endure the strenuous process of registration. The hassle ends at 3 pm and I give my mum a hug as she beams with pride. She can’t believe I’m all grown, soon to bring home a degree and ‘some woman.’ I shudder at that latter suggestion. I have never had a girlfriend before. I bid her goodbye and life begins. Campus life.


Fast forward, the classes are not ‘an easy walk in the park.’ The economics jargon and the complex statistical models are a bit confusing. The first year was easy but as years went by, things got thick. The fun has not died though. Parties, plots and out of town sprees are the thing. I hate politics. But Babu Owino’s antics and podium promises are a spectacle. You rarely miss his rallies.


Life changes. A rebellious culture builds up. Your friends are smoking weed. Booze is shared like water.  You thank God for heeding your Mum’s prayer because you stay sober. One day I spot a girl shuffling along the tunnel. She is a unicorn with genteel ambition. I like her. We get into niceties. She giggles softly at my silly jokes.l get her number and proceed to bore her with beautiful poetry for days on end. We become an item. Life becomes better.


School carries on. Occasional strikes and demos here and there. The other day the lecturers downed their tools berating the government for poor pay. Students are at it again. Planning to boycott the alleged rigged student elections that voted Babu Owino in. The next thing we hear is that the university has been closed indefinitely due to the atrocious student demos.Life happens. The girlfriend no longer feels it. We sit down, think it through and realize it can’t work and so we break up. It hurts. Your boys hear about it. They drag you to some restaurant to go watch an EPL match. It has not been a good season. Your team, Manchester United, loses. Double misery. You move on.


The holidays are filled with hustles. Internships and odd jobs to raise some little money for up keep come the next semester. It is not that easy, though. But then you thank God for those small opportunities. You begin school with fanfare. To your disappointment, the bedbugs have infested your room. You have to wash, spray and clean the beddings before you settle down. Because your days in campus are numbered, you become a little bit serious. You spruce your wardrobe a little with ties and official wear. You listen to lecturers intently and attend ‘life-after-campus’ forums religiously. While doing so, you don’t lose yourself to the ‘fear-of-the-future’ that traps most campus finalists because you know God is in control.


You learn to live a little as the days go by.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Luseka Socrates.




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