Living in the era of feminists. What type are you?

It is the era of the feminist.

If there is one thing that enrages me, is how people misinterpret the word feminism. It’s as if people walk about with blindfolds completely disregarding the fact that gender roles have to be exterminated. The truth of the matter is feminism has been misunderstood. People need to understand that feminism is not an association of desperate women who want attention. Women just didn’t sit over their lunch break and decided to start a movement to seek attention or be seen. The modern-day woman has bills to worry about rather than waste their time in seeking attention. So, when you see women being vocal about their rights and empowering themselves, don’t be too quick to call them desperate, neither should you imprudently call feminists bitter because their men abandoned them.

Feminism was not created to threaten to the position of authority that a man holds. It’s an empowering wave of force for the girl child who is being looked down upon. It’s eliminating barriers that dim the light any girl possesses. Now to the men who feel threatened by feminists, how about just becoming a feminist too? True feminism is not out to take the crown from men, but it’s rather a movement set out to spread the gospel that women too can possess the crown of being CEOs, presidents or great leaders in their countries. However, there are women who are masquerading themselves to be feminists and others twist feminist ideals to suit them.

Every woman should be proud to be a feminist. Here are the different types of feminism:

1. Radical Feminists
Do you know those women who detest men? Saying the word ‘men’ itself could cause them to be nauseous. They loathe men and believe that nothing good could come from any man. They are strong believers that women don’t need men and that men are trashy. They are the ones who go about having a feminist bible basing their actions on the phony philosophy that God cannot be referred to as ‘he’ but ‘she’.

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2.Liberal feminists
These moderate feminists are driven by the agenda that women need to be empowered. They are fueled with equality of both sexes. Women in the past were made to believe that they can’t be anything. Their work was to take care of the home, birth children and be a tool of satisfaction to her man. They were made to believe that education was like poison and in some societies, any woman who wanted to be a leader, would be considered as an outcast. The difference between the latter and the former feminist is that the latter, correlates with men. They don’t refer to the man as useless. They believe that they are their helpers and that men were already given authority by God. They don’t trash men. They only empower women to skyrocket to the highest potential and not to be intimidated by any man. They do this without necessarily attacking men because they are after equality.

2. Joy rider feminists
These are just feminists who misinterpret the whole concept of feminism. They blow it out of proportions. These are those self-proclaimed feminists who are not part of the agenda to empower women but just driven by the need of belonging to this whole vendetta. They don’t act like feminists despite how self-proclaimed they are.

What type of feminist are you?

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