Listing Kenya’s Top 4 Upcoming Lifestyle YouTubers Worth Watching


There are a few established YouTubers in Kenya. Known for their entertaining content and intriguing personalities, YouTube veterans like Our Two Cents, Miss Mandi aka Mandi Sarro, Elodie Zone and even Nancie Mwai have established their place on YouTube. However, there is a new crop of entertainers that bring new conversations to the fore, while documenting their lives and honestly sharing their opinions on life’s happenings.


This is a list of Kenyan YouTubers on the come up.


1.Bahati Nzuri

Kenyan-born beauty based in Atlanta shares her life abroad with viewers. Her content ranges from beauty, travel and more. Bahati has 2,600 subscribers and counting, sharing her perspective on life for a Kenyan in the diaspora. Bahati’s sweet disposition and great tips including giving hacks for college students juggling work and school continues to garner her more subscribers.



2.Mr. Eve Show

A non-conformist with a liberal approach to life, Mr. Eve is known in Nairobi for her incredible dress sense. Young and full of energy, she is full of humor and incorporates uniquely Kenyan experiences like her love for eating mutura to her videos. So far, Mr. Eve has a growing  following of 1,200 subscribers.


3. Lydia Dinga

Kenyan immigrants to the United Kingdom, Lydia lived in United Kisumu before moving to the U.K with her family. Growing up in a foreign land while maintaining an appreciation for her homeland, she shares her life and passions. With 89 video uploads and over 36,000 subscribers, her content varies from fitness routines, fashion hauls, beauty as well as travel vlogs.



4.Craving Yellow

Also a Kenyan abroad, this YouTuber gives great tips for natural hair girls. Tabitha was born and raised in Kenya but moved abroad for school and work. Her innovative tips of natural hair care management are simple, focusing on affordable products anyone can find.






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