Lions of Science Awards looking to recognize innovative students



Lions of Science has launched an award to promote and award Kenyan students with innovative scientific projects that improve standards of living or the social coexistence. The awards will recognize home grown solutions to local problems by applying scientific creativity.


Kenyan students interested in science get to compete with other students and at the same time realize their full potential in scientific research. The Lions of Science aims to close the gap between the innovative project idea and (social)entrepreneurship. Awards include prize money, consulting on the further development of solutions, language courses and internships.

Lions of Science, a Not Profit Organization, was founded in Berlin/Germany to tighten the transnational scientific, academic and entrepreneurial relations between Kenya and Germany in a fresh and inspiring way. By presenting the scientific spirit and innovative creativity of young Kenyan academics and their home grown solutions, LoS contributes to highlighting the dynamic changes taking place on the African continent.


Who can take part? All enrolled college and university students in Kenya are welcome to upload their projects within a certain time frame by choosing between different categories including Natural Sciences, Environment, ICT/Media, Health, Indigenous Knowledge and Engineering.


The submitted projects are assessed by a jury. The presentation of awards will take place for the first time on the 27th of July 2013 in Nairobi and in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut’s local representation.


To enter the competitiong:

LIONS OF LIONS – Awaken the Lion within!



Lions of Science are also on Facebook





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