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Lil Kim & Remy Ma Ready To Collab


Reminisce Mackie also known as Remy Ma teases a collaboration with fellow female MC Lil Kim.

Sharing their studio time on Instagram, “Shether” rapper captioned one of the two images she shared hinting that the duo is making something epic. Remy wrote, “This me all day around @lilkimthequeenbee 😆…had to literally get up and move away from her just to finish writing my verse cuz I was dying laughing💋Distressed jeans, sneakers, & flight jackets flow…”

The collaboration has Lil Kim writing the lyrics for the track and Remy delivering vocals. Rising to fame in the 1990s, Lil Kim was closely linked with Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy as well as Missy Elliot. Known for tracks “Magic Stick,” and even Grammy winning collaboration “Lady Marmalade,”  Lil Kim is no stranger to big success. Since her last album release in 2011, Kimberly Denise Jones is making a comeback.

The association between Lil Kim and Remy Ma is no shocker since both have had beef with “Super Bass” star Nicki Minaj. With the duo in studio, many speculate that the track’s lyrics could mention the Trinidadian rapper in one way or another.


We are not sure what to expect, but whatever these two great MCs come up with is surely going to be lit.

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