Life As A Mechanical Engineer


As students begin the process of university application and finalizing the admission process, one may wonder what a day in the life of a prospective career would be.


After 12 years of late night studying and lots of prayers, now many begin a new chapter in their education. As you work to attain your degree, here is a sneak peak into what life as a mechanical engineer is truly like. Here are 3 important factors to consider:


1.Application is key

Life as an engineer is nothing like you imagined. It will be a rollercoaster ride of never- ending equations; unanswered problems to which you are required to provide solutions. Be ready to apply mathematical priciples and scientific theories to find solutions to life’s problems. As you learn to invent, innovate and design,  the basics of physics and math are always going to be your building blocks.


2.Get yours hands dirty

As an engineer, your best work is done when you get involved. Get engaged in projects and learn from others to improve your craft. An internship would be the perfect opportunity to make connections and gain a mentor to guide you in your career.


3.Engineering is a wide field

There are many areas of specialization to choose from. Whether you are interested in various branches of the discipline, there is something for everyone. Be sure to research into chemical, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering before settling on one particular area.

Here is a look into the life of a young mechanical engineer, maybe you could work on some amazing project just like Nivay Anandarajah.






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