A Letter To Our Political Aspirants


Dear Mr. Politician,

Every 5 years, the nation is afforded the chance to change leadership. Known as a time that is a celebration of democracy and free and fair elections, the atmosphere is tense, politically charged as aspirants battle it out for a chance to join the August House. As men and women bring to light what needs to change, there is a chance that many will feed the electorate with unrealistic manifestos and empty promises.


To the young leaders hoping to make their way into the corridors of power, there are several things that should never be forgotten. It is vital that one must not lose themselves, stay true to yourself. Do not let the big dogs influence your character. Stay true to yourself. As your campaign posters litter the streets and the primaries fuel your hopes of higher office, remember that politics can be a dirty game. In the words of Abraham Lincon, ” be sure you put your feet in the right place. Then stand firm.” Do not get swept away by the showbiz of politics, the colorful posters and the prevailing hashtags, press conferences, and non-effective day long committee meetings. To effect change one must truly be the change. Remember the promises you have made to your fellow youth. To the young man selling smokies at the bus stop you once boarded public transport on. To the group of young men who want more for themselves than having to wash cars by the rivers polluted by Nairobi’s sewers. To the Mama Mboga who would one like to more than a shack, and one day establish a grocery store. Stay true to the people you hope to serve and stay true to yourself.


To the womens’ representatives who seek to make their mark in the Kenyan political scene, your time is now. Many continue to disqualify themselves before the race has even began with their dishonorable antics. Take pride in your feminity, take pride in the change you can bring. Though gender equity may be a motivating factor, it will never prevail over the greater goal. Disgracing yourself with posed campaign posters that only serve to draw attention to your assets only cheapens your image. Embody the powerful woman you were born to be. Hold yourself in high esteem and stand for those in society often overlooked. Never let anyone belittle your message and the values of your stance. Instead stand strong, with grace and intelligence recognize your own power and make an effort to be the change you want to see.


To the old, tired power-hunger politicians, clear the way and pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. Your time is now gone, instead of holding onto power, it is time to let others lead. Time to prove your effectiveness or lack there of is now over. Do not be quick to criticize, instead offer your support from afar.


To the electorate, your vote is your voice. Choose wisely.




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