A Letter To My Freshman Self


I will be finishing school soon, and I there are several things I have learned from my time on campus. The journey has been good with lots of lessons to pocket. Today, I intend to share some little nuggets of wisdom that I have picked along.


1.People Are The Best Investment Is In

Make friends. Do good. Help others. Cease from being a lone ranger and thinking you can do it alone. You can’t. By helping others, you build yourself. Participate in discussion groups. Make friends with members of staff too and life will be simplified. By doing this, not only will you enrich your social life, you’ll learn how to live and cope with people in the outside world.


2. Attend Your Classes

This needs some emphasis, especially for those doing demanding courses. There is this semester I missed a number of classes and solely relied on copying notes from friends. Truth is, it was hard to catch up. Some concepts needed the lecturer’s aid to deciphering. I struggled with other people’s handwriting too. To cut the long story short, I failed terribly in that unit.


3. Start Reading Early & Do Assignments

There is this culture that students have mastered, reading when exams are near. The tricky part in this is that it heaps a lot of pressure, making it hard for you to understand your reading well. To be on the safe side, start reading early. Assignments? They help to understand topics you couldn’t grasp in class. They buffer your cat and exams score that determine the final grade. If you did badly in cats, assignments are always the savior, in most cases.


4.Hustle On Your Own

Campus is supposed to groom you for outside challenges. Tackling them early enough is a good way to prepare. And what a better way to do so than working on side hustles to earn some money and stop pestering your mom to send you some. Seek internships, try odd jobs, indulge in some passion, freelance, miss a meal, persevere a little, to toughen and roughen up a little. It teaches you a lot. And nothing tests sweet than the money you’ve worked hard for.


5.Live Within Your Means

Campus introduces you to people from different walks of life. You share classes with young CEOs, daughters of Cabinet Secretaries and sons to big businessmen and women. If you can’t raise a lot of money, never try to copy this flock. No. You’ll struggle to stay afloat and end up breaking your back for no good reason. Know yourself, and budget well. Then work hard to be like them. Or even better. You will have yourself to thank. And me too.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Luseka Socrates.



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