Legend of Lwanda Magere Story to be told at Sarakasi Dome


Could an old story that we read in our school books or hear at our grandmother’s feet make a difference today? Could it tell us something new today?  Kwe Kalyet: Lwanda Magere Revisited offers some answers!

Kwe Kalyet asks the question; how can we actually move towards a new Kenya, a peaceful Kenya and a fair Kenya? It doesn’t, however, make it simple. Rather than offering easy solutions or simple platitudes, the artists challenge themselves and their audiences to keep asking: What choice do we have? How can we get the solutions we so badly need?

Ignite Afrika production takes us on an entertaining journey into these themes.  Using original and traditional music and dance as well as original scenes and a design that smashes the traditional and the contemporary right up beside each other, this surprising production draws out parts of the story behind the story.

Delighted audiences in Western earlier this month highlighted the music, humour and fresh look. They cheered the theatricality and the commitment to going on the journey towards real peace.

This remarkable play is showing at Sarakasi Dome this Friday, August 4th at 3 pm.

Tickets are available at the door for free of charge or call Erick on 0716415114 for more information.





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