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Lecturer’s Sh3.9B misappropriated, Education CS admits


lecturer strikeUniversity union officials now want the suit declaring the lecturers strike illegal withdrawn, following the admission by Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi that the 3.9 billion shillings owed to them was misappropriated.

Speaking to Capital newsbeat, the University Academic Staff Union Secretary General Muga K’Olale says the admission is an indication that the strike is legal and called for the University Management to honor the Collective bargaining agreement.

He says that the withdrawal of the case against them will set up grounds for talks before the strike is called off.

His sentiments were echoed by the Kenya Universities Staff Union Secretary General Charles Mukhwaya who emphasised that other than honoring all the terms in the CBA, the monies must be used to review the basic salaries and housing allowances for eligible staff only.

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